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What is 10 Minute CBT?

What Is 10 Minute CBT?

10 Minute CBT is a unique way of adapting simple evidence-based CBT techniques to be used during brief 10-30 minute sessions.  It is a highly flexible and adaptable approach, which can be used in many different settings.  It has been widely used by GPs, nursing staff, rehabilitation teams, social workers and teachers.

The theory and strategies used in 10 Minute CBT are drawn from standard CBT, as well as from behavioural activation, acceptance and commitment therapy, compassion-focussed therapy and mindfulness.

Key features of the 10 Minute CBT approach

Maximise the use of limited time

Understanding every individual’s own unique story

Focus on behaviour change

Empower patients to manage their own health and lives

Avoids excessive theory and jargon

We know that most professionals are busy, over-stretched and working under extreme time pressures. 10 Minute CBT does not need a longer consultation, but can allow you to use your limited time more effectively, leading to improved relationships with patients and enhanced patient care.
Using 10 Minute CBT often acts as an investment of time, which helps to reduce emotional distress, reduce repeated attendances, reduce hospital admissions, improve engagement with services and enhance relationships with patients.

10 Minute CBT seeks to understand every individual’s own unique perspective. Using the five areas model as a framework, it provides a structured approach which offers a new perspective for people to understand and make sense of their problems and promotes an increased sense of control over their difficulties.

During short consultations, cognitive change strategies can be complex and difficult to implement effectively whilst maintaining a collaborative relationship. We therefore focus largely on realistic change strategies, with a particular emphasis on values-based behaviour change techniques. This approach is adapted from CBT, as well as drawing from behavioural activation and acceptance and commitment therapy.

Instead of trying to convince or persuade people to make change, 10 Minute CBT promotes collaborative partnerships between professionals and patients, where individuals are encouraged understand and to take control of managing their own health and their lives.

We take a pragmatic and realistic approach to understanding and applying CBT in practice, which avoids excessive theory or jargon.

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