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Danuta Orlowska


Danuta Orlowska

I am a clinical psychologist with particular expertise in using CBT for patients with long-term health conditions.

I work alongside patients to help them identify and change unhelpful ways of thinking and reacting and try out more helpful approaches. My aim is to teach people a set of skills to help them live as well as they can with/despite their diagnoses.

I work with patients with skin cancer and have undertaken Palliative Care studies to PostGrad Diploma level.  In the past I have worked with patients with audiological problems, including tinnitus and progressive hearing loss, head injury, neurological diagnoses and memory loss. I have also worked as part of a multi-disciplinary chronic pain management service.

I am keen to develop the proactive use of CBT techniques to promote well-being, particularly amongst health professionals. This includes working on awareness and expansion of personal coping styles to enable early identification and management of symptoms of stress.

Prior to training as a clinical psychologist, I worked as a lecturer in learning disabilities at the University of Kent at Canterbury. There I taught on a diploma course for staff working with people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour.